DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas.... That Everyone can Tackle!

Don't let the term DIY Bathroom Remodel scare you! Your project can be as simple as applying a coat of paint and adding different accessories, as complicated as a complete gut out of your existing bath, or anywhere in between.

It is our hope to give you some bathroom remodel ideas that you can use to complete the project yourself, or at least do a major portion of it yourself!

The writers you will find here are your average homeowners..... all looking to make our homes look the best that we can.... we share tips for decorating, painting, plumbing, and deciding which cabinets are the best for your new design....

Remodel Topics

You can save money by doing most of the project yourself.... here are the areas that you will find help with here...

Before / After

The photos below were submitted by a visitor to the site.  She was able to change the look of her bathroom by removing an un-used tub and replacing it with a vanity. [Read more about her remodel].



Simple Changes

Below is more information on simple things you can do to that can radically change the look and feel of your bathroom!

Bathroom Decor

Changing up the decorations in your bath can make a great deal of difference.  Adding wall hanging or flower arrangements add inviting touches to any room, especially in the bath. [Read More]

Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Lighting

Adding or adjusting your bathroom lighting can have dramatic effects on the look of the bathroom...... and it doesn't have to be expensive at all.  On this site, we will give you information of many different types of lighting as well as offer product suggestions.  [Read More]

bathroom remodel ideas

so.... you may only want to update your mirror or want to do a complete renovation. Regardless, here you will find all you need to succeed from information and links on design and layouts to do it yourself projects and decor. You bring the desire and DIY Bathroom Remodel will provide the help you  are looking for.

All of the information on this site is written with the Do it yourselfer in mind.... Take some time to explore, take a look at our resources page for a list of all of the resources that we have found to help the DIY Remodeler.

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