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Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

When it comes to bathroom cabinet ideas as it relates to bath remodel ideas.... you need to take a real good look at your existing cabinets.... Can you keep them, or will they need to be replaced?  You also need to decide whether you need bathroom vanity cabinets only, or do you also need additional bath storage cabinet.

Hopefully the bathroom cabinet ideas presented here will help you make the best possible decision for your particular bath remodel circumstances....


Choosing cabinets may not seem like a tough decision, but it might be harder than you think...  There are just so many choices out there....How do you choose?   When looking for new cabinets for your bathroom, you will find an almost unlimited number of  options that will fit with any bathroom cabinet ideas you may have, and this can make the task seem slightly overwhelming... but don't let it be that way....


Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Choosing bathroom vanity cabinets can be a complete remodeling task in itself.  There are an amazing number of sizes available... What number of drawers do you want?  Do you want linen storage in the vanity cabinet itself?  Do you simply want neat, open shelves under the vanity? 

What about the look?  Do you want modern, contemporary, country, rustic?  Believe me, they are all available...


bathroom vanity cabinets

Take a look at our bath vanity ideas section for more info....


Medicine and Storage Cabinets

Medicine and storage cabinets and bath space savers are some other cabinet ideas to consider when creating more space in your bath.  The wall medicine cabinet can be used to store thing needed in the mornings or evenings, and for convenience usually have a hinged mirrored door.  Storage cabinets can be used for storing additional linens and things.... even for stocking up on soap and shampoo.

Think about bath room space savers when you have a smaller bath yet still need storage for linens and toiletries.... a nice rack that fits over the toilet can really save the day!


bathroom wall cabinet


Small and Discount Bathroom Vanities

When you have a small bath room, sometimes finding a vanity can be tough... especially if you want one that is sleek or elegant...  We offer a few good choices for your small bath room.

contemporary bathroom cabinet

Discount bath vanities can be a little more difficult.... there are closeout stores around that carry bath vanities.... and Wal-Mart usually carry some discount vanities.


If this bathroom remodel task seems to be more than you want to tackle on your own, you may want to check out our Free Bathroom Remodeling Estimates for your full or partial bathroom remodel needs.


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