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Bathroom Ceiling Light

Choosing the right bathroom ceiling light for your bathroom may seem difficult, but it really doesn't have to be. Redecorating your bathroom can add a new look instantly. Your first step in choosing your new bathroom décor should be to come up with a design scheme.

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Complement your bathroom decor

By incorporating elements of paint, fabrics, accessories, and lighting in your design scheme, you can make certain that your finished room will have the ambiance that you intended.

Your choice of ceiling light should compliment the style of décor you have selected. You’ll find that ceiling lights come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are looking for a classical or modern look, your choice of ceiling light can enhance your décor and transform your bathroom.

You should choose a bathroom lighting fixture that enhances your chosen décor. This doesn’t need to just be a choice of color, but may also be selected by the materials that the bathroom ceiling light is fashioned with. Brass will always add a touch of class to any décor, and silver or gold accents will compliment a modern bathroom design.

Make the lighting functional - but fit your design

Bathroom Ceiling LightFirst, your ceiling light should be functional. It doesn’t make sense to have a great looking light, if it doesn’t produce the amount of lighting you need for your bathroom.


Adjustable light

You may prefer to choose an adjustable ceiling light that will give you control over the settings.  This is a great way to ensure that you have plenty of light as well as creating a nice romantic mood with dim or low lighting. Halogen lamps are also a great choice, since these lights are extremely bright and can provide excellent illumination.


Lighting Fixtures

You can choose your ceiling light as plain or elaborate as you would like. Many ceiling lights are simple globes or squares and emit white light. However, there are numerous ceiling lights that are available that are made from brass, elaborate glasswork, or decorative candelabras.

These are lighting fixtures that attach to the ceiling and hang from the ceiling.  This type of light can be plain or fancy. 


Recessed Lighting

Recessed bathroom lighting gives the bath a modern look.   It is a clean, simple look that just looks good.  There are advantages to this type of lighting  - the largest one in my book would be cleaning.... the recessed lighting will definitely be easier to clean than one of the hanging fixtures.


Hopefully these ideas will help you decide what type of lights will look the best on your bathroom ceiling....


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