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Bathroom Ceiling Ideas - Make your view from the tub awesome!

When remodeling your bath room, don't overlook the bathroom ceiling ideas when you are deciding what things that you may update or change. This is a very real area that shouldn't be ignored.

You do not have to stick with the plain white / cream colors on your bathroom ceiling... or the stucco type plaster that dominated bathrooms in the 60's and 70's. so, keep an open mind, and make your bathroom look the way that you want it to look.

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Today, bath room ceilings will generally be painted....A great choice is the standard brilliant white paint.  This is a safe choice, and a good one for most bathrooms - especially ones painted in soft colors.  If you choose to go with a colored paint, you will usually choose a color that is complementary to the color of the walls and the floors. I recommend using the color wheel chart to help you decide the best color combinations to use (to match or complement the color of the floors and walls).   It is really your choice.... but if you have a small bathroom, I would recommend painting the ceiling the same color as the walls to prevent the bright white of the ceiling from over powering the rest of the room.



Once you have chosen your paint color be sure to use a high grade ceiling paint to apply. It is recommended that home owners use a satin finish high grade ceiling paint along with adequate bathroom ventilation to prevent moisture and mildew.

Bathroom CelingAnother ceiling idea to consider is your ceiling light. You will need adequate light for all your bathroom uses such as shaving or applying makeup. Lights can also be used to set a mood with dimming lights.  Your bath lights can be in the form of recessed lighting, a combination dome light with an exhaust fan, or a ceiling fan with a light fixture.

Ceiling fans are another option that you will want to consider. These are very important for keeping your bathroom clean and dry.  This is an option, but I would recommend the ceiling dome light and exhaust fan before I would add a ceiling fan to the room - simply because the ceiling fan may not be used like it should to ventilate the room.

Another one of our bathroom ceiling ideas is a ceiling heater. These can be nice for when you step out of your shower and want the comfort of a warm bathroom. A combination light, ventilation fan and heater would be a great option to add to any bathroom!


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