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Choosing Bathroom Colors?

You’ve finally decided to re-model your bathroom. An important concern is which bathroom colors express your personality. With so many available hues out there, choosing the right colors for your bath is just like shopping for clothes. Coming up with a color can be so overwhelming.

Listen to your walls. Imagine that they can talk. What are they telling you? Choose your colors to say something about you. It can also affect the feel of the space. Bathroom colors can determine whether the space is stimulating and lively or neutral and quiet. It can also be relaxing and calming. The right bath room colors play a large role in the statement you wish the room to convey to your guests.

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When you’re remodeling, remember that your bathroom colors can also have a functional role. This means that the colors you choose can determine whether the room will have a smaller or larger feel. It can also make the ceiling look higher. It brings cohesiveness into the room that is adjoined too. If the bath is connected to the master bedroom, then choose the right bath hues that will add a touch of class.

But what are the available great colors out there? Well, for one, it must suit your taste. So many colors, but you do not prefer all these. Here are examples of the colors that have been popular in bath remodeling the past year. It might inspire you to opt for these shades with yours.

Blue has been one of the most popular colors in home decoration for the longest time. Blue emphasizes the bath as a place for retreat and relaxation. Blue comes in so many shades and consumers can eventually create a look, depending on their personalities. They can go for pastels or they can go for dramatic hues.

Green is another popular color for those who are renovating their bathrooms. It gives a soothing feel of the space. Green’s are available in the market in neutral tones. These are also understated and can be used as alternative to the more traditional neutral shades.

Once you’ve decided on which bathroom colors to use, you have to know how to add these in a most effective manner. What mood should your bath have? Remember that all neutrals in any room provide for a quiet and calm atmosphere. If you go for strong and contrasting colors, these give up a stimulating and lively mood.

The next question is where to put these hues. Well, here are some suggestions. You can use them on the floor in order to ground the room. But you should choose a shade for the floor that is darker than the shade of the ceiling and the walls. You can also use these hues on vanity mirrors, cabinets, and countertops.

The color wheel chart shown below can  be very helpful in deciding on the colors that you want to see in your bath room.  Warm colors are vivid and bright, and give an energetic sense, while the cool colors create a sense of calm and soothing.  For more information on using the color wheel to help determine your bathroom colors, click on the color wheel below.

the color wheel



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