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Bathroom Counter Top Ideas

We know that a bathroom needs a counter top! right?  If you are remodeling your bath, and replacing the counter top, what do you need to take into consideration? 

Well..... You need to consider the level of humidity and the amount of abuse your counters might take from the family, and then choose the best material for your bathroom..... but making sure you get the look that you want in the bath!

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You wouldn't want to consider wood as a counter top material.  The moisture and humidity would rot the wood. There are synthetic materials and natural materials that are not affected by water ... these materials are probably a good choice. The most used counter top choices are plastic laminates, cultured marble, corian and granite. Our section on countertop materials explains all of these different choices, and gives some additional information including cost, and durability.

One common counter top materials is countertop tile. This is not quite as popular as the other materials but it is used occasionally.  The look is nice, and the counter top can be laid in many different tile designs.  One reason to not consider tile is that keeping the grout surface clean can be hard.


bathroom counter top tile


You don't have to stick to a certain design or color when it comes to choosing a countertop - just like any portion of the bathroom, this can be s unique as the home owner....

I personally like the countertops that are pre-made that you can choose at most supply stores. These are designed to fit pre-made cabinets that are at the same supply stores. The cutout for the bath room sink is already made in these counter-tops and that makes things much easier.

One of the best reasons for the pre-made counter top idea is the ease of application. These countertops are usually glued or siliconed down to the cabinets. Sometimes the counter tops are held down by clips. This system saves a lot of time and labor costs and can usually be purchased at a fairly resonable price.



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Countertop Ideas

Bathroom Countertop Ideas