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Bathroom Counter Top Tile

Bathroom counter top tile is an often overlooked counter top material that may fit your needs. If you like the look, ceramic can be a good choice for your counter top. Ceramic tile comes in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. One advantage is that you can use a pattern that is pleasing to the eye no matter what your taste is.

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Since you want a waterproof tile you need to check with the manufacturer's usage recommendations when choosing your tiles. Not all tiles are suitable for counter tops. Also, make sure that there are corners, edges and other trim pieces you may need to finish out your new bathroom tile counter top.

There are different types of tiles that are available. Glazed tile range from high gloss to matte finishes. I like the matte finishes better than the high gloss finishes because the matte finish will hide wear patterns better. Some glazed tile are available in slip-resistant finishes which work well for a bathroom counter top.

Bathroom Counter Top TileAnother thing to consider is the grout used. Grout must be sealed and resealed to keep the water out. Also, grout must be cleaned regularly. Choose a grout color that compliments your tile choice well and fits in with your overall bathroom theme.

There are different types of grout to consider. There are epoxy grouts, silicone rubber grouts and sanded and non-sanded grouts. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to find the best one for your application.


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