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Bathroom Countertop Materials

Learn about your options to create your best bathroom. Here are the commonly used bathroom countertop materials.

Plastic laminates

Plastic laminates are made from melamine decorative paper and combine with phenolic treated kraft paper. They are then bonded under high pressures to particleboard. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and surface gloss. Too much heat can actually damage their surface and they are susceptible to scratches from sharp or abrasive objects.

They need to be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners and cloths. Stains can be removed with mild household cleaners. Dyes can permanently stain the laminate bathroom counter top. The laminate can separate if water seeps under the seams. Laminate is an economical bathroom counter top option.


Cultured marble:

Cultured marble is a popular bathroom counter top material. It is elegant and comes in a variety of colors. It is made from polyester binding resins, pigment, and crushed marble. It is then molded, trimmed, and polished. Cultured marble bathroom counter top has a waterproof, stain resistant surface. If there is a scratch the cabinetmaker can repair it usually by just sanding and polishing.

Hairline cracks around the drain do not form anymore with the newer materials. To preserve the finish wax should be applied. Abrasive cleaning or cloths should not be used at all.



Corian is an expensive bathroom counter top material. It is a blend of natural material and acrylic polymer. The surface is smooth and discourages the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It is also nonporous which means liquids and stains cannot penetrate the surface. It is easy to clean and maintain.

This one of the bathroom countertop materials is nontoxic, chemically non-reactive, and hypoallergenic. There are a few finish options such as matte, semi gloss and gloss. It can be cleaned with soap or ammonia based cleaners. Heat such as produced by a hair dryer or curling iron can damage the surface.



Granite is an expensive choice for a bathroom counter top. It is elegant and beautiful though. It is very durable, resistant to water but it can be chipped and broken and is difficult to repair. Do not use abrasive cleaning supplies. Acetone such as fingernail polish remover will damage it. Give the bathroom counter top a coat of wax every once in a while.

Marble is not recommended as a bathroom counter top material. It is porous, can stain easily and can be damaged by common items such as orange juice, nail polish remover, water and shampoo.

Another one of the bathroom countertop materials you can consider but is not recommended is glass. Glass can be used as a bathroom counter top but they are difficult to keep clean and are broken easily.

Bathroom Countertop Materials


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