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Bathroom Decor Ideas - The entire bath remodel or just the finishing touches

Depending on the extent of your bathroom remodel, decorating and new paint may be all that you intend to do.... or the decorations may be the finishing touches on your complete bathroom remodel.  Either way,  I  hope that some of the bathroom decor ideas presented here will inspire you on your quest.

Choosing your decor theme is a major step... once chosen though you will be ready to pick out the items to decorate your bathroom!



You can find items to fit just about any theme that you desire, including western, nautical, modern or any other. You are only limited by your imagination. A good source to find your items are decoration catalogs. These usually have many items to choose from in many different themes.

Another thing to consider when creating your perfect bath are paint colors. Choosing the correct paint colors for your bath room walls and ceiling can also help create the atmosphere for your chosen theme. Decorating with paint is one the most inexpensive ways to add a great look to a bath.  Below are some paint ideas along with some other bathroom decor ideas for you to consider...


Decoration Ideas

When decorating your bathroom, you might consider bathroom accessories, additional storage cabinets, wall decorations, mirrors.  For all top level decoration ideas, check out our bathroom decorations section.

bathroom decorations


Window Treatments and Wall Mirrors

Window treatments and wall mirrors can add accent to the bathroom.  Wall mirrors will have colored borders or no frame at all depending on what you need to see in your bath. 


wall mirror



Paint and Colors

Paint and the different colors available can also be used to add some flair and decoration to your bathroom decor.  Paint can be used as accent or as the main color for the room. 


bathroom paint ideas


Bathroom Accessories

Accessories can include a simple vase with cut flowers to unique bathroom accessory sets.  You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities.


bathroom accessories


You will also want to pay special attention when choosing your cabinets, vanity, sink, toilet, shower, tub and any other features that go into your bath room. You will want to have all these items work together to compliment the rest of your bathroom. Your floor and also your lighting are two other areas that need to be paid attention to. Dimmers on your lights are a great way to add a special touch to any bath.

Another great way to add to your decor is to focus on the things that you add to your bath room anyway - the towel rack, the curtain rod, the small hand towel loop, the bath robe hooks for the back of the door.   All of these bath essentials are sold in sets or matching decor that can be used to coordinate your bath room.


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