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From Bathroom Light Bars to Vanity Lights: Bathroom Lighting Tips that Spell Sleek

Bathroom light bars are easy to install and provide a great source of light around the bath mirrors!.....

So you just had your bath remodeled. It’s now sports a bright and squeaky-clean bathtub, and new fixtures to go with it. But why does it look like it’s still missing something? Why does it feel like the highlights of your all-new bath room are understated? Maybe they could use something—maybe bathroom light bars here and there—to bring out its beauty.

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If it feels like there is something missing in your bath room, it’s probably the lights. The bath is typically the least spacious portion of the house. In addition, it is also the most crammed space, what with all the stuff and fixtures that you need to cram into it—the shower, the toilet, the sink, the faucet hardware, as well as all the bits and pieces of toiletries that need to be arranged on top of the bath room counter. Indeed, so much is asked from such a small space.

The secret to making the bath look bigger and feel homier is achieving the perfect lighting. Of course, the “perfect light” means so much more than just installing bathroom light bars wherever you please. There are actually three basic types of light. We have the general light fixtures that take care of lighting up the room; the task lights, which offers light meant for specific activities; and then accent lights, which highlights certain areas and articles. A good mixture of all three can lend more depth and character to your bath room.

But if bathroom lighting bars are all you have, how exactly would you know what to mix with these? The key to finding the perfect combination is to go for contrast. For example, go for uplighting to illuminate a particular corner, then place a table lamp and matching accent lighting on a favorite plant. For best results, you also need to know the spots in the bathroom that you should focus on.

For example, you need bright lights in the showers because you need to be able to see clearly when you are taking a bath or shaving. Bathtubs, on the other hand, require general lighting aimed at the outer edge of the tub so the glare is minimized. You also want to put night light on the floor, in spaces between the vanities and the cabinets. Indirect lighting that glows from a hidden source can give your bathroom a warm and cozy atmosphere while table lamps are great ways to make the bathroom exude a homey atmosphere. Of course, bathroom light bars in spaces above doors and mirrors work to provide accent.

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