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Bathroom Light Fixtures - Perfect and Bright

Bathroom light fixtures are often taken for granted when it comes to bath remodeling. It is not uncommon to find a house with well-lit living room, kitchen and dining areas but with a poorly-lit bathroom. We ought to know that this room in our house should also be kept luminous, and that we should invest more time in choosing our light fixtures. Aside from keeping the room bright, these light fixtures can also add to the overall ambience of the bathroom. Your bathroom can be a masterpiece in its own right.

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One of the most important areas in your bathroom that should be well-lit is the spot where things with meticulous precision such as shaving or putting on make-up are done: the mirror or boudoir. Wall sconces and bar lights are perfect for this area. Wall sconces are light fixtures which, as the name suggests, are attached to the wall for support. Bar lights, on the other hand, are composed of a series of light bulbs and usually affixed on top of the mirror or counter. The light bulbs that are mounted on the bar lights are commonly hemmed inside a round glass, also known as vanity globes. Ceiling lights are also an important component of your general bathroom light fixtures. Ceiling lights and wall lights can be installed above shower and bath areas for a broader scope of light.

Aside from the common function of lights – that is, to brighten the room – they can also enhance the overall ambience of your bathroom. Finding the right light fixtures can change the appearance of your bathroom and suit your own taste. Keen attention to detail is also required for a renovation. To change your bathroom from boring to exciting, use bathroom light fixtures with edgy, contemporary designs. Using strong colors such as orange and red can also add to the adventurous vibe of your bath. Otherwise, if you want to convert it from chaotic to serene, using subtle fixtures with subtle design could help you attain the look you desire. Earth and nature colors such as shades of beige, brown, green and blue can offer you the peaceful home and nature feel.

Of course, you should consider the total floor area of your bathroom before deciding how much lighting it really needs. A bigger room would need more bathroom light fixtures and could provide you a bigger canvass for your work of art. DIY bathroom remodel is just a matter of the right information and imagination. Never forget that this is the place where you are one with yourself, so dare to transform your bathroom to match your unique personality!

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