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Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

In choosing bathroom lighting fixtures, there are a few things you must put into consideration before you make your decision.

You should first assess the amount of space available, the functions of each part of the bath, and the color and design of your bath. Once this is done, your options for bathroom lighting fixtures are narrowed down.

Adequate light is a must for every part of the house, and this includes the bath room. The bigger your bath room is, the more light fixtures you need to have installed. This is to ensure that you can see what you’re doing properly, because it’s important to see yourself clearly while taking care of your personal hygiene and grooming.

The bigger your bath, the bulkier your light fixtures can be. Your bathroom lighting fixtures can be bigger, more ornate, and grander. For example, you can use a table lamp or wall sconce by the mirror, and a chandelier in the middle of the bath. However, if your bath room is small, having bulky light fixtures will only shrink your bathroom even further. For small bathrooms, the light fixtures should be sleek and less ornate, without sacrificing the illumination.

The best light for any color is something similar to daylight, because it won’t change the shade of your walls and decorations. It will just make the colors brighter and standout more. Also, it will also make you appear your best as you get yourself ready in front of the mirror, but if you prefer something else than natural-looking light, then consider using yellow light.

Not only will it add more warmth in the room, but it will also lend a feeling of relaxation and romance if used sparingly. Using this with aromatherapy candles when lounging in the bathtub will give the optimum romantic ambience.

Though fluorescent light saves energy, you might not want to use it for your bathroom because it can make you look pasty or green. Instead of feeling good about yourself, you might take more time in choosing your clothes and accessories.

For any bathroom color, pick a light fixture that has a neutral color. Colors such as white, brown, and all shades in between will go very well with any cool or warm tone. Just as you consider the colors of your bathroom and light fixture, you should also think about how well the style of light fixture will go with the theme or focus of your bathroom’s design.

To give you an idea of what’s available in the market, you can visit different designs of pendant fixtures (lights that hang from the ceiling such as chandeliers), wall scones, and vanity light bars (think movie star dressing room).

Before picking the lighting fixture of your choice, make sure that it is steam or water-proof, especially the light that you’re going to have installed by the shower. This safety precaution is important to avoid electrical accidents in the house.

After you’re satisfied with the lighting fixtures that you’ve selected, don’t neglect them by ignoring them. Have them cleaned regularly so that they’ll effectively brighten up your bathroom. Cleaning them will also help you save electricity.

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