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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

There are many bathroom lighting ideas that you  can consider when doing your bath remodel.  Proper bathroom lighting makes your bath safer, as well as making it possible to see when getting ready for your day. 

Lighting will also set the mood of your bathroom.... perhaps adding a dimming option to lower lights for a nice relaxing bath in the evenings....

When you pick your bath lights, make sure to match the style of the other bathroom fixtures. This is a very important light idea to remember. Many manufacturers have a variety of finishes that can match bathroom faucets to achieve a coordinated look.

The variety of styles found today are: Traditional, Contemporary, Casual, Transitional, Tiffany, Craftsman, Tropical, Rustic, Old World, Wrought Iron, Crystal, Country, Williamsburg, Nautical, Victorian, Art Deco, Asian, and Children’s. The common finishes are brass, gold, black, white, bronze, iron, nickel, pewter, copper and chrome.



Here is some additional information about the types of bathroom lighting that you might choose for your bath...



Sconces can be mounted on either side of a bath mirror. These help to even out the light on your face and they also get rid of shadows during cosmetic application. Sconces add a unique decorative touch as well.


bathroom sconces


Vanity Lighting

Another style of light is the bath and vanity or bath bar. This style of light has two or more light bulbs and is installed over the sink and mirror. The number of bulbs needed for these lights is dependent on the length of the mirror.


vanity lighting


Ceiling Light

Another bath light is ceiling lights which is used in addition to the lights around the mirror. Ceiling lights illuminate the rest of the room and it can be used in alcoves or in the center of the room. For more ideas on fixtures see the bathroom lighting fixtures page.


ceiling light

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