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Bathroom Linen Cabinets - Add one for extra storage space

When remodeling the bathroom, one should take great care when selecting bathroom linen cabinets or having them custom-made. The bathroom is relatively a small area in the house and a linen cabinet may be a bit noticeable. The wrong linen cabinet in terms of size or design can completely ruin the bathroom’s interior design motif and layout. The linen cabinets we will discuss here are ones that stand alone and can be added to any bathroom to create a little extra space.



There are three categories of bathroom linen cabinets that one may be aware of: traditional, modern, and transitional. The important thing is determining what the interior design theme of the bathroom is. Is the room’s style modern or traditional? Once one knows what theme the bathroom is, then one may narrow down the choices of countless linen cabinets. If the bathroom’s theme is modern, then one should look for a modern-looking linen cabinet.

However, there are some adventurous designers and remodelers. They simply mix and match the linen cabinet style with the bathroom’s theme. Oftentimes, designers and decorators with great design sense always succeed in their mixing and matching adventure. A traditional-looking cabinet can look smashing in a modern-themed bathroom. Indeed, it could take great design skill to pull off the modern-traditional combination.

bathroom linen cabinets

If you are confused about choosing between a modern or traditional linen cabinet, then you may want to use a transitional-style linen cabinet. Transitional design is a blend of modern and traditional features. The style involves more specific groups like the Arts & Crafts and Shaker styles.

Aside from the cabinet’s design, an equally important thing to consider is the cabinet’s size. Should one choose between a freestanding cabinet and a built-in one? It all depends on the owner. The important thing is that the cabinet has the right shelving to fit one’s linen storage needs. Moreover, one should choose bathroom linen cabinets that are proportional to the size of one’s bathroom.

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