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Bathroom Mold

The unsightly shades of pink, brown, and black bathroom mold plaguing your bathroom ceiling is caused by a fungus that thrives under warm and moist conditions. If you don’t have a habit of looking up at the bathroom ceiling, you probably won't notice the mold until a large patch causes a distinctly musty scent that unpleasantly hits the air.

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to avoid at least one occurrence of ceiling mold in a lifetime because of the low air circulation, poor lighting, high levels of humidity, warmth, and dampness of a bathroom, which creates the perfect breeding ground for mold.... but we can help with mold removal.



Removing Ceiling Mold

To ensure the cleanest and freshest smelling bathroom, getting a ceiling mold problem under control is quite important. To remove bathroom ceiling mold, it is suggested to combine one part household bleach with two parts water in a bucket. With a cloth saturated with the mixture, remove the mold (periodically rinsing the cloth out with fresh tap water).

This task is accomplished using gloves and wearing clothing that protects the skin. During the process, you will open any windows and doors in the room to provide decent ventilation.

After the bathroom mold removal, you should rinse off excess bleach using clean water. The surface is then ready to air dry. Depending on the age of your last paint job, you may want to apply a coat of mold- and mildew resistance paint, which prevents the growth of future mold for a specific amount of time. For instance, using Perma-White mildew-proof bathroom paint prevents new growth for five years.

Preventing Future Ceiling Mold

One of the first things to do to combat mold is to reduce the amount of humidity in a room. The steam and running water constantly found in the bathroom is one of the number one factors that encourages mold growth. When taking a hot shower or washing your hands, try [turning on the bathroom fan], which pulls moisture and steam out of the air..... hopefully removing the need for future mold removal.

A key habit is to enforce proper air circulation, which is also accomplished by simply opening a window when applicable. Turning on bathroom lights also helps to lessen the threat of ceiling mold.

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