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Bathroom Paint - What is popular?

When it comes to painting the bathroom, selecting the proper bathroom paint is as significant as choosing just the right color. On the market, there are plenty of types and shades of paint to ponder when tackling a remodeling project.

Before starting, it is important to remember that bathrooms require a highly washable and durable paint to withstand the wear and tear of steamy showers and other naturally humid conditions. A semi-gloss paint possesses a high-sheen that is easy to wash and perfect for combating threats of dirt, mold, and moisture. Bear in mind also, if a bath room paint job is going to look good, make sure your drywall installation is done correctly..... providing a smooth surface for applying the paint!

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As you approach a paint job, it is helpful to know the brands on the market that provide the best results. Since mold and mildew are common blemishes that terrorize the integrity of a bathroom, it is suggested to seek out the best paint that is resistant to these unwanted occurrences.

For starters, the line of Valspar American Tradition interior paint is known for standing up to repeated washing and scrubbing. The vibrant paint colors are also greatly resistant to fading. Additional interior paint brands that uplift the appearance of the bathroom includes Dutch Boy Home and Behr Premium Plus.


Popular Bathroom Color Schemes

One of the most important parts of choosing just the right color of bathroom paint is to envision a complete package, where the colors of the walls tie into the tiles, towels, faucets, and other accessories. Sometimes, people choose their paint colors to match previously installed fixtures, while others let their final color choice guide them in a complete revamping of the entire bathroom.

While the traditional bathroom colors are typically neutral with a few accent decorations, an increasing amount of people are moving towards creative expressions and approaching color schemes with artistic precision.

Throughout the years, various shades of blue are quite popular for bathroom painting. While some choose a silvery blue, others side with a sandy shade of navy or tropical pastel. Today, bathroom paint has the power to create a mood because of how the brain registers different shades of color.

For example, a display with sharp white and light dreamy blue accents can present a relaxing sanctuary, especially when accompanied with glass features and sterling silver highlights. Paint choices also set statements, as seen with a gold paint with black accents that places emphasis on luxury and wealth. This color combination also gives off the impression of royalty.

The conventional selection of pastels is now spiced up with chocolate-brown accents and accessories, including shower curtains and tiles. However, it is also important not to stray too far from the norm, as lime green, some yellows, and peach quickly wear out their welcome in the bathroom.

In the end, some homeowners can't beat the popular color theme of clean, creamy white walls with varying shades of blue and green accents. Learning more about paint color ideas and the color wheel chart will further enhance your knowledge.

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