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Bathroom Photo Gallery

Use this bathroom photo gallery for inspiration and ideas for your new bath remodel. When remodeling your bath, the best way to get ideas is to look at others. Go to open houses, look at magazines, or look at pictures galleries online.

It can be overwhelming at first when looking at so many pictures. Narrow it down to the type of room you want such as vintage, Asian, simple, modern, etc. Don't be afraid to envy a picture even if it looks like the style might be out of your price range. An interior designer should be able to look at it and show you different options in different price ranges but with the same look.

Don't be afraid to mix and match either. When I find a picture I like, I'll print it out and circle what I really like about it. Then after I have several pictures, or am just exhausted at looking at pictures, I'll get out the piles of favorites and make a master picture. I'll cut out what I liked from all the pictures and combine them into one master bathroom picture.



If there are two sinks I like, I'll put only one in the master picture, but will keep the other one. After looking at prices and availability I may have to end up going with my second choice. Therefore, it's always good to keep those rejects around.

The picture shows a luxury design,  notice the chandelier type bath lighting and the elegant lighting above the mirror.  The lighting alone makes this bath look elegant.  You might like the lighting and mirrors of this room, or simply like the bathtub ensconced in stone.... just take in all of the elements of this design.

Bathroom Photo Gallery


The picture in our bathroom photo gallery below shows a unique small design.  The shower could stay or go depending upon your preference.  The commode in this bath is in a separate room which is a unique way to approach the design.  Also, notice the recessed lighting which adds even more space to this small bath.

Bathroom Picture


The bathroom below is a unique modern design.  Notice the wall mount sink.... not too many people think of something like this, but is labels this bath room as the utmost in modern design.

bathroom remodel


Another great modern design - notice the use of the natural lighting as well as the lighting above the bathtub. 

Bathroom Picture Gallery


These next two bathroom photo gallery photos show the unique use of tile shower designs and tile ideas. Tile can add an impressive dimension to your bath design.... be sure that if you are going to use tile, to look at many different designs before making your choice.

bathroom remodel

bathroom photo


The photo below shows a nautical design.  This bathroom design can be beach based, or ship / sailing based.... there is so much you can do with this decor.

bathroom picture


If after taking a look at this photo gallery, you are ready to delve into a bathroom design, then be sure to read Our Better Bath Design E-Book Review..... it will give you all the information that you need to start your bathroom remodel design.


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