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Bathroom Remodel Costs: How much will it cost?

What will be the bathroom remodel costs that you can expect? 

Does this question prevent you from even venturing into the world of bathroom makeovers?

Just keep this in mind... a bathroom makeover can be simple aesthetic changes all the way to a full gut out re-do.... there are options...


Simple Option  |  Mid-Range Option  |  Full Option


We'll take a look at three options to remodeling your bath and an estimate of what you might expect from each type.



Simple Changes

A simple make-over of adding accessories and  a new coat of paint may be all that you need to do to make some amazing changes in your bathroom.

This type of project can cost as little as $250 - $500 depending on the accessories that you add to the bath.  Below are links to some simple ideas that will help you with an inexpensive project.

bathroom remodel costs



 Mid-Range Remodel

A higher level of remodeling would keep the plumbing and things like the tub / shower, toilets, and sink plumbing just as they are.  A middle of the road makeover might mean changing out some bathroom cabinets or vanity, but leaving the sink, toilet, and tub.  You might also consider adding some space saving cabinets, or changing out the mirror or lights.

Depending on your preferences, you might also re-paint  - but that is completely up to you.

A mid-range remodel is easily completed by the aver do-it-yourselfer....

So - what is the bathroom remodel costs for this mid-range type?  Well, once again, there may be a huge discrepancy in the cost....

Here are a few ballpark estimates... doing the work yourself.....


Changes Cost (depending on products)
Paint, New Vanity, New Mirror under $1500
Paint, New Vanity, New Mirror, New Lights under $2000
Paint, New Vanity, New Mirror, New Lights, New sink faucet under $2500
Paint, New Vanity, New Mirror, New Lights, New sink faucet, new tub/shower faucet under $3000


Bear in mind that you might be able to complete this level of makeover anywhere fro  $1000 to $5000 depending on what you purchase.

Here are some sections to review to get some ideas for this type of remodel project...


Complete Remodel

A complete remodel will, of course, be the most expensive of the projects... But, once again, can vary greatly depending on whether you are moving plumbing around in the room, etc

A complete remodel can be as involved as a complete "gut-out" of the existing bathroom, re-plumbing everything, all new sink, tub, and toilet and fixtures - or, any combination of these.

If you are going to completely gut-out and replace everything, plan on spending $10,000 to $20,000 - once again depending on the quality of cabinets and fixtures that you choose for your bathroom.

Another consideration when it comes to a full bathroom remodel... can it be done completely by yourself?  There are just some projects that need the help of a professional....

If this bathroom remodel task seems to be more than you want to tackle on your own, you may want to check out our Free Bathroom Remodeling Estimates for your full or partial bathroom remodel needs.

For a complete remodel, you might want to take a look at the following sections for tips and inspiration...


For some inspiration and ideas be sure to visit the bathroom photo gallery.


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