Bathroom remodel photos showing added space and lightened areas

by Laurie Savoy
(Conway, NH )

Before the wall came down

Before the wall came down

Before the remodel, the interior of bathroom was dark with golden harvest fixtures! A wall separated the bathroom and a laundry room that was the exact footprint of the bathroom. The two rooms shared an adjoining wall so I took it down

I was able to keep the toilet in the same place, as well as the washer and dryer. I built a beautiful closet for it with bifold doors and crown molding.

I raised the ceiling to the roof and built a drop down wall to give the tub some separation.

I put in a discount window I found (and the only one that would fit the space) for 25 dollars. I decided to do a pushed out window to have a little shelf.

I picked up the tub for $300 at Home Depot marked down and it sat in my shed for 3 years til I got to the renovation.

I encased the entire tub area and floor with a Tuscan Bone tile and added electric radiant heat to the floor.

I used 18 inch granite floor tiles for the vanity top and managed to get it done in very few pieces.

All in all, I spent about $8500. I love it! It has a very 'spa' feel to it.

Laurie Savoy
Conway, NH



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