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Bathroom Remodel Photos

IOur family has remodeled the main hallway bathroom in our own home. These bathroom remodel photos are from that remodel.  Jump down the page to share your remodel photos!

Our home is a classic brick ranch home built in the early 1960's..... Notice the pink tile walls and the cramped spacing....There is a small closet behind the door that you see, and the small vanity faces the commode.

Here is the right side of the bath before and after our bathroom remodel ..... We chose to remove the closet and add larger vanity that faces the center of the bath.  We lost some storage as these photos show, but have found that we have plenty with the storage above the commode and under the sink.


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bathroom remodel photos bathroom remodel photos

The right side of the bathroom continued the use of the "lovely" pink tile and some simple towel racks and soap holder. 

bathroom remodel photos

In these photos, you will see that we chose to keep the bathtub (well, you can see a corner of it anyway) as it is a cast iron tub that was in really good shape..... The ledge that you see was cut after the bathroom was gutted.  There was unused space since the original bathtub was only a five foot tub, and the room was a little wider.  This ledge makes a great place to store shampoo, etc.

bathroom remodel photos

Now that we have shared our remodel photos with you, please let us see what you are starting with, and once complete show us what you have done with your bathroom!


Let us know that you have bathroom remodel photos available to share, and we will let you know where to send the photos.....  Thanks!



Bathroom Remodel Photos
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