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Bathroom Shower Designs: Options Big and Small

Bathroom shower designs are probably the biggest issue when one is building a new one or upgrading an old one. The smaller bathrooms would find it difficult to fit any kind of shower stall. Larger bathrooms have the dilemma of whether to go for bathtub or shower stalls or both. Deciding on a particular shower design that can suit the needs and preferences can indeed be a task to reckon with.

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Small Shower Designs

For smaller bathrooms, there is limited space that makes it impossible to fit a bathtub. The same is true with some shower stalls. A solution for this is a curved, quadrant shower, which is the smallest shower stall design there is. There’s a small toilet and sink to match too. The shower head should be detachable so you can easily maneuver through a small space.

Another solution for a small bathroom is to convert the whole space into a wet room. Just install a drain in the bathroom floor. There should also be proper floor tiling for this project.


shower design for small bathroom



Large Shower Designs

For larger bathrooms, shower designs could be a problem too, because you have so many options. But because there is space, you have a lot of room to fit in all your preferences. You can have a separate bathtub where you can relax during the slow, easy days. You can also have a shower stall where you can take quick, refreshing showers when you’re pressed for time. You can also combine the two if you like it that way. The advantage to having separate bathtub and shower stall is that you can have elegant installations.


large shower tile


If you have the budget and the space you can select from a wide range of bathroom shower designs that are available in the market today.


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