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Bathroom Shower Stalls - for function, for style, for convenience!

Bathroom shower stalls have become a staple fixture in new, contemporary bathrooms. This maybe because people are getting busier and busier that they can’t wait for the bathtub to fill up anymore before they take a bath. These days, one goes in, turns the shower on, gets quick splashes, and proceeds with the bathing rituals.

The main reason why people opt to install shower stalls is because they want to utilize space smartly. A bathroom enclosure is a real space saver since a nice corner would be good for any regular sized stall. If you have a shower and the shower area is not enclosed, water will splash all over the place. A shower stall will keep the water confined in the area only.


A fitted cubicle will look cozy and more private too. If you will compare the degree of difficulty in installation, shower stalls are easier and quicker to put in place than the traditional bathtubs.

The shower stalls shown above install against a tiled wall on a shower pan.   The installation instructions are easy to follow, and can be installed by the home owner.  as seen above in just the few choices we show you, there are choices small and large as well as small rounded, and large rectangle  versions.

There are so many designs of bathroom shower stalls to choose from when you’re shopping around. They vary in size and materials used. There are stalls made of glass, fiberglass, tempered glass, plastic, acrylic, and more. The only requirement is for the material to be waterproof, heat resistant, and durable.

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