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Bathroom Space Savers You Don't Want to Miss

Bathroom Space Savers can help clear up the clutter in any bath room that makes it look smaller than its actual size. That clutter is why it's important for you to think about what to include in your bath space, and what needs to be taken out. As a rule, anything that sticks out should not be put inside your bath, as they shrink the size of your usable space.

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  • If you have a small bath, avoid putting hanging racks, accessories and furniture in your bath room. This also includes shelves and cabinets, but if you really want to install these, make sure they are built near the ceiling and high on the wall.

  • Large mirrors do the trick in creating the illusion that your bath room is well-expanded. Usually, they are placed in front of the sink, as this is the best place where light can be reflected well.

  • Wall and flooring paints should be light to make the bath appear larger. In the instance that you can't repaint your floor, you can use lightly colored rugs and mats to create this illusion. Wall papers can also be bathroom space savers, provided that they have light colors and designs.

  • Minimize the use of small accessories inside your bath room. If you can't resist this, choose at least the reflective ones, like accessories made from crystals or glass. Also make sure that they are angular, as these fit best to small bathrooms. A single outdoor painting can also be placed in front of your mirror to add space to your bathroom.

  • Build a larger window that is set up high above the wall. This allows good ventilation inside the bathroom, and at the same time, it allows the sunlight to get in, making the room bright.
  • Organize the area where your vanities are placed. Throw away empty bottles and keep only the essential things. Clear up the area from dust every now and then.

How you organize your bathroom reflects an aspect of your personality. With this in mind, make sure that you take some time to clean it up. Don't forget to follow these bathroom space savers, too, so you get the most space out of your bathroom.  

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