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Bathroom Tile Ideas and Designs to consider...

Do you need a bathroom tile idea for your new bathroom remodel?  We will give you some great options to consider here.... . Tiles had fallen out of favor in the decorating world but because of the variety of unique and colorful tiles available today it is now back in favor.....


Today there are many tiles to choose from including stone, smooth, mural, and rough tiles. Now when selecting bath tiles there are no shortage of them for any bath decorating theme..... so let's get started...

Selecting Bathroom Tile

Sometimes, you know that you want to use tiles in your bath, but the bathroom tile idea is simply how to choose those tiles.  We offer suggestions and tips about the different type of tiles in our "Selecting Bathroom Tile" section.  We will help you understand the best options for your remodel project, whether it is choosing the color, or choosing the type of tiles!

Although ceramic is one of the more popular tiles used more and more people are starting to spice up their bathrooms with fancier ones like iridescent and inserts. There are an assortment of accessories you can choose as well like edging to give your design that finished look.


selecting bathroom tile



Counter Top Tile

Some bath room countertops are smooth formica, or other strong smooth surface, but one of our great tile ideas to consider is countertop tile for the bath.  Why not... you are most likely using tiles in other places in the bath room anyway!

This type of bath countertop may not be as stylish as it used to be, but it is not a bad looking alternative.... keep in mind if you go this direction, you will need to know how to clean grout!


bathroom countertop tile



Shower Tile Designs

Showers are one of the most popular spots in the bathroom for tiles.  There are a multitude of shower designs that you might want to explore, but some of the photos here might give you a little inspiration....


shower tile designs


There are many bathroom tile ideas that can be used to improve your bath. From so many colors and designs to choose from you should have no trouble finding something that will fit your personal style and bath theme.  All of our tile ideas are listed on the right hand navigation bar.

Some additional Bath Tile ideas on Pinterest....

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