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The Bathroom Vessel Sink - Beauty and Usability

One thing that is most visible in bathrooms is the bathroom vessel sink. This is like the crown of the bathroom. The bathroom sink has evolved from the plain porcelain to an elegant modern look. There are now many designs of this type of sink that buyers can choose from, including the simple porcelain sink, the glass vessel sink,  the wooden sink, and  the granite version. Nowadays, a sink can be made of many different materials in order to fit them in to different bathroom designs. There are also many ways of setting up the bathroom vessel sink. They can be placed on top of a base or re-fitted on a  countertop. They are also available in different colors, shapes, and materials. The usual shapes of these sinks are round, rectangular, triangular, shell-shaped, and some are abstract to give a postmodern look to your bathroom.

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bathroom vessel sink

The materials that are usually used for the bathroom vessel sink are stone, glass, porcelain, wood, and metal. The care depends on what material is used.

Stone vessels are very heavy and are the most expensive because of the mere material used. Natural stones are used to produce this type. The usual stones used are granite, onyx, and marble. These sinks do not require so much cleaning because of the substance that they have. Though cleaning is still required at times to maintain the natural look of the sink. Stone sinks are durable and are not easily damaged.

Glass sinks are not so heavy unlike stone. They give modern and contemporary look for the bathroom. But these sinks that can be elegant to look at depending on the design. These sinks can be placed on countertop or metal bases. Glass sinks are durable but cannot withstand sudden change in temperature. There is also a limit in temperature, which is usually up to 70 degrees. Minor accidents can bring minor scratches but heavy objects can shatter the vessel. Extra care is also required for this type of vessel sink in order to preserve its beauty. It is advisable to clean the sink every after use to prevent water spots.

Porcelain vessels are the cheapest in all the vessel sinks available. It is also low maintenance in terms of care. They give a more traditional look than the other types of sinks. They also have high resistance to heat unlike the glass sinks. Modern porcelain sinks come in different colors and patterns. Porcelain gives the bathroom an elegant look.

Metal vessels are higher in price due to the price of metals. The usual metals used are copper, nickel, brass, and bronze. They are not easily maintained because of the nature of the metal. There are times that metals are easily corroded. On the other hand, copper can also be used as disinfectant for germs.

Wood vessel sinks are still popular especially to those who want to have a country-looking bathroom. They are also seen in spa-like environment. Wood vessel sinks need high maintenance because of the reaction of wood and water. These sinks should be waterproof in order to maintain the beauty of the sink.

The care for all types of bathroom vessel sinks is important in order to preserve their beauty. Caring for them will make them functional and pleasing to the eyes of everybody.

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