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Bathroom Wall Cabinets - Extra Storage and Great Design

Bathroom wall storage cabinets come in many different styles. A typical style has two doors. Most are usually mounted over the toilet or on a corner wall. Favored materials for bathroom cabinetry are oak or other hardwood. Homeowners may opt for unpainted custom cabinets and then just paint or stain them to match other bathroom decors.... or buy pre-built cabinets.

There are a multitude of cabinets on the market today to choose from.... spend a little time on the decision.

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Think about the amount of things stored in the Bathroom

The bathroom may easily be one of the home’s smallest spaces. That makes it even more difficult to store the many things required in the bath -  linen, household, medical, and toiletry items – even the most trivial ones. Thus, bathroom wall storage cabinets are important in the design or remodeling of the bathroom. Ready-made cabinets are a hassle-free and affordable solution to one’s bathroom wall storage needs.



Ready-made Cabinets

The ready-made cabinets listed above are great choices, and are easy to install in your bath.  You will be able to find one in just about any finish or just about any design.  So, if the re-made bathroom wall cabinet suits, you will not have to look far to find one.  this will be the choice of most home-owners....


What about making your own?

For a do-it-yourself project, have at hand a table saw, a random orbit sander, clamps, and the essential hand tools. Not up for the home cabinet-making job? You can get tons of inspiration from online home improvement stores. Or you can save yourself the aggravation and shell out money for a stunning wall-mounted bathroom cabinet.

Making wall-mounted bathroom cabinets yourself can be pretty interesting, though. First you need to visualize the style of the cabinet you want. Do you want a simple medicine cabinet for your bathroom? Or do you want a large one that can store lots of bathroom essentials, complete with a mirror fitted in the cabinet door, a towel bar and an open shelf?

Installing a bathroom wall cabinet - pre-made or built by you

To mount/install your own bathroom cabinet, have at hand basic tools like hammer and nails, plus other materials including the stud finder, level, screwdriver and power drill, to name some. If you observe a handyman, you’ll note that the initial step is marking the location of the wall studs in the are where the wall-mounted cabinet will be installed. It’s important to make sure that the cabinet will not fall off when heavy objects are placed in it. An eye for precision is essential.

The attachment of supports – including a temporary wood support rail, comes next. The cabinet is then on the upper edge of the temporary support rail. The next step is the drilling of pilot holes through the sturdy portion of the back of the cabinet or the support rail. Using wall screws, screw the cabinet to the wall while it’s on the support.


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