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Bathroom Wall Mirror

When thinking about the bathroom wall mirror, you probably picture the it above the bathroom sink.

Well it doesn't always have to be that way. There are actually quite a few different types and styles of mirrors for the bathroom. There's scissors extension, table version, counter top version, magnifying, wall-mounted and even a heated one.

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Most wall mirrors have a metal frame. Polished chrome and brass and stained nickel seem to be the most common metal frames for a bath glass. Also, some varieties come in oil rubbed bronze.

There are also countertop mirrors. This type is which is on a stand. The height and size of the glass can vary. Some of these are magnifying with a low magnification on one side, and a high magnification on the other side. To tilt the mirror, you just move the frame.

Wall mounted bathroom mirrors actually have quite a variety to choose from. These come in styles such as a large square or oval with or without a metal frame and is attached directly to the wall. The type of mirror without a frame will usually have a beveled edge. The size of these mirrors and shapes vary wildly.

There are also wall-mounted mirrors that tilt. These mirrors are smaller and have a lever to tilt the mirror forward and back. These types of mirrors do not extend.

Bathroom Wall MirrorBathroom Mirror








Yet another style of wall mirror is the scissors extension mirror. These mirrors are extendable out from the wall and also flip with one side magnified. This type of mirror is quite helpful in doing hairstyling and cosmetic application.

The last type of bathroom wall mirror is also extendable but is on an arm bracket so it can move from side to side but not forward and back. Some of these have an extra bracket so that the mirror can extend from the wall longer or be moved into more positions for easier use.

The heated mirror is also really quite nice. The heat prevents fog from forming on the mirror during a shower. Thus, no more continually wiping the condensation off the glass.

Once you find the perfect mirror, you will be ready to install it. Mirror installation is quite easy. If you want to replace your old mirror you will first have to remove your old one. Mirror removal is also quite easy.

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