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Bathtub Drain Repair - replace those bathtub drain stoppers!

Bathtub Drain Repair is an easy DIY Project...

You need your tub to hold water so you can enjoy your bath more and relax. But, if the tub won’t hold the water, there is probably a defective stopper involved!. You might need to do a simple drain repair or replacement. Not to worry, this is just a minor task. You really need not call a plumber to help you out.

    bathtub drain repair           bathtub drain repair

The biggest culprit in a tub draining is the bathtub drain stopper.... usually replacing that will take care of the entire problem.  To replace the stopper that you have, you need to know what the available types of bathtub drains that there are....

There are five basic types of bathtub drain stoppers: foot lock, roller ball, lift and turn, pop-up and plunger. Pop-up and Plungers have mounted levers, mounted to the tub wall, that seal and release their stoppers. Roller ball, foot lock and lift and turn tub drains do not have mounted levers.

Tub Drain Repair -  Without mounted Levers

Drains without mounted levers are the easiest type to repair.... this is because the whole mechanism is at the point of draining the water from the tub.  Some of these drains work by lifting the mechanism to drain the tub, while some work by the press of your foot on the assembly.  To replace the drain assembly, simply unscrew by turning it counter clockwise until it is free of the drain.  On some models, you can simply replace the stopper portion of the assembly without all of the hassle of a complete drain replacement.

Tub Drain Repair -  With mounted Levers

To make a bathtub drain repair that involves a drain with a mounted lever, just turn the lever to the open mode. Rock the drain stopper carefully and gently until it gets loosened enough for you to remove it. Clogged or used up drains may be a bit harder to remove. Unclog the drain first with lots of water or clog remover.

Clean the lever with a stiff brush and detergent. Fit the new drain and stopper pack. Adjust the linkage and test the rate of flow and test for leaks too. Make sure that in making bathtub drain repair, double check for leaks so you don’t waste water.



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