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Bathtub Drain Replacement

A bathtub drain replacement is fairly is a fairly easy task to accomplish.... I just recently replaced a lift and lock bathtub drain in my home!  The entire task took less than 30 minutes....

bathtub drain replacement

bathtub drain replacementThe first step in the process was to remove the old bathtub mechanism. Since the lift and lock is screwed into the existing drain, the old mechanism had to be removed. To get the old mechanism out, I used a pair of needle nose pliers and a screwdriver to apply leverage to the assembly to help remove it.  It only took a few minutes to remove it - be sure to remove the assembly very slowly.  Once the assembly is removed, remove all of the plumber's putty that is surrounding the bathtub hole in the bottom of the bathtub.... see the photo on the right.

bathtub drain replacementbathtub drain replacement


To place the new stopper assembly, you will need some new plumbers putty and, of course the new bathtub drain.  The photo to the left shows the plumbers putty, and the new drain in the bathtub..... all ready to install... the plumbers putty should be rolled into a long, thin column.... then placed into the bathtub drain.... see the photo on the right...


Once the putty is placed, the final step is to twist the new drain into the bathtub drain hole.... be sure to twist slowly, and to place the drain assembly flush with the bottom of the bathtub... clean the putty from the edges of the drain..... then your bathtub drain replacement will be complete!

bathtub drain replacement



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