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Bathtub Enclosures - A Way to Create a New Ambiance to Your Bathroom

Before buying a bathtub enclosures consider a few things first. You must take into account the people who are going to use your bathtub frequently. If you are sharing it with your kids and older people who live with you, make sure that you purchase an enclosure that is also appropriate for them without sacrificing the quality and design you want. Know that there are different types of enclosures. There are frameless enclosures, which come at a higher price, and framed top which features sliding and rotating doors. There is also an enclosure that simply gives a way to hang a shower curtain around your bathtub.

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Bathtub enclosures come in many different types... If you want to go for a glass enclosure, make sure that you research the different types of glass and their corresponding thicknesses before deciding to purchase one. This is to make sure that the enclosure that you are going to buy will fit the design of your bathroom and the types of people who will regularly use it.

Your glass enclosure should have the right thickness. If the people who regularly use your bathtub, including yourself, are a little bit clumsy you should consider a thicker glass. This would ensure that your enclosure doesn’t become prone to breakage. You can choose different tints for your glass enclosure so that it matches with the tiles or the color of your bathroom walls.

If you have chosen a framed enclosure, make sure that the framing and handles match appropriately with the rest of your bathroom fixtures. If your bathroom is dominated with gold fixtures, then stick with it. If you have a small bathroom space, choose a frameless enclosure since this will give the illusion of a bigger space. The level of difficulty and the time it takes to fit in an enclosure will depend a lot on your plumbing system. If you also need to replace your bathtub, then more time and work will be required.

Remember to choose your bathtub enclosures well because the perfect design can upgrade your bathroom from simple to simply inviting. An enclosure also gives you the benefit of not having to deal with shower curtain molds and spare you from endlessly scrubbing of grout lines. If you can find a space for a tub enclosure, don’t hesitate to install one to make your bathing experience more gratifying.

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