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In the past, bathtub faucets were plain and the selection to consider wasn’t too mind-boggling. However, the advancements in technology and style have catapulted fixtures, such as the faucet for the bathtub, into near works of art in some cases. Today, a search for imaginative or unique faucets for the bathroom is quite easy to accomplish and sometimes even fun to explore.

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Before shopping for a bathtub faucet, the type of tub you own will narrow down some of your choices. Owners of freestanding tubs will look for freestanding faucets. Antique or older tubs require faucets of a different size, which have since evolved over the past 50 years. Heading for a vintage shop or scanning the listings on eBay may help. It is also not uncommon to have custom-made faucets created to match your tub.

Know the Mounting

When shopping for bath tub faucets, become familiar with the type of mounting required so you are able to ask proper questions to the salespeople directing you to the items that match your needs. Wall-mount faucets accommodate bath and shower combinations or if your tub is positioned against the wall. Deck-mount faucets are situated on a flat surface about the tub (or a deck). Some come with one handle, while others come with two. With floor-mount faucets, a claw foot tub works well with this selection.


The money you spend today on a faucet will determine the enjoyment and longevity you get out of your purchase in the future. Choosing a faucet with an "all-brass body" is highly suggested and delivers a higher level of quality than those listed as brass- or chrome-plated. Additionally, do not bring home a faucet made for the kitchen, as tubs handle a larger flow rate, meaning the faucet should offer a 3/4-inch supply line (different from the 1/2-inch used in the rest of the house).

Finishes and Styles

Nowadays, faucet finishes are wide-ranging – much different from the typical polished chrome. A homeowner may ponder copper, brass, brushed nickel, and gold choices. There are even black or white selections to consider on the market. In order to get the best value, keep in mind that the more exotic finishes and shades may not provide the same type of guarantees as a traditional finish. When siding with a particular style, keep in line with the rest of the bathroom, as selecting a faucet mirroring the 1800s will definitely clash with an intensely modern environment.

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Another shopping option.... eBay.


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