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Bathtub Grab Bars

There are many types of bathtub grab bars to choose from.  The safest by far are the ones that attach to the wall, and the ones that are a part of the bathtub or shower assembly.  That being said, there are many suction ones, and ones that attach to the side of an existing tub and can be attached and removed when you need it.

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Here, we will explore many of the options available, and give you some info on each type.

Wall Mount Grab Bars

The wall mount model will be the most permanent and the most versatile of all of them all.  You can choose where to install them on the wall, how high you want them, and even choose which length (form 12 inches to 36 inches), and which style matches your bathroom remodel.  Shown below are just a few of the choices in wall mount variety that you will find are available.  Check out complete instructions to install bathroom grab bars also on our site.

Integrated Bathtub Grab Bars

The integrated variety a part of the tub or shower assembly.  You do not have a choice about grab bar placement, but you do not have to worry about installing the bars either.  If you are considering a complete bathtub replacement, then integrated grab bars would be a good option for you.

Portable Suction Grab Bars

Portable ones attach to the side of a tub, and allow the bather to move the grab bars along the side of the tub in any direction.  Suction grab bars are very portable, and allow you to carry it with you when you travel.

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