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When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, your tub is a major concern. It is the largest item in the room, and is a major focal point to the room.... it is the center piece of your bath room.  You can make it what you want it to be....

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So... when remodeling the bath...

Do you replace the existing tub? Do you re-glaze the older porcelain tub in your home? Do you opt for a drop in liner to give your bathtub a completely new look? These are questions that you will have to answer as you scope out your bathroom remodel project. Here we will give you several bathtub ideas to help you along your way....

There are several options available to you...


Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool or "Jacuzzi" tubs are really nice to have in your bathroom.  The bubbles that the jets produce provide a relaxing bath that will soothe you after a hard day at the office, or after work-out. 


whirlpool bathtub


Steam Bath

A steam bath is a luxury to add to your bathroom... but what an addition... something to provide you a much needed respite, and help with your health as well.


DreamLine SHJC-1238386-01 ATLANTICA Jetted and Steam Shower, White and Chrome


Corner Tub

If you have a small amount of space in your bath, a corner tub may be just the ticket... A corner tub may also just be a luxury that you add to a larger bathroom to free up some additional space... think about it!


Jacuzzi FUZ6666CCR4CHB Fuzion Corner 6666 Corner Salon UM w/Chromatherapy, Black


Luxury Ideas

You can make a luxurious bathroom on your own,,, we give you some ideas to build the luxury into the bathroom with juts a few small changes...


luxury bathtub ideas


Bathtub Surrounds

A bath surround can spruce up the look of your bathroom.... a surround is added to the bath area above the tub to provide a completely new look to the room.  Consider this cost effective option for your bathroom remodel.


American Bath Factory P21-4204P Bathtub/Shower Surround Package in Medium Stone

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