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Bathtub Surrounds - Update the Look of Your Bathroom

Newly installed bathtub surrounds can instantly give a new look to your bathroom and will give your bathtub appropriate protection. There’s a wide selection of surrounds to choose from at various home improvement warehouses, as well as on this site (see the bottom of the page). They are available in a number of standard sizes so to find the perfect fit for your bathroom you will need the exact measurements of your wall that needs installing.

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Many homeowners choose to install surrounds on their own. If you want to do it by yourself, you have to prepare the right tools and materials such as construction adhesive and caulk. Before starting the construction, make sure that you have covered your bathtub for protection purposes. You can use a cardboard or heavy cloth to prevent any debris from causing any damage to the tub. For the meantime, it is also necessary to get rid of your showerhead and other bathroom fixtures that could get in the way while the construction is on going.

Strip off your old bathtub surround (if you have an existing surround) by using a prybar if it doesn’t come off easily. If you have used tiles as your current covering, remove each piece gently with a chisel. Minimize the debris as much as possible to keep them from hitting the shower floor or your bathtub. A tiny piece can cause big damage. You should start at the corner and prepare the area by putting construction adhesive before placing the covering. You can also apply adhesive caulk to the area where the tub touches the wall.

Repeat the process with the rest of the wall. Before finishing up, make sure that you have drilled holes for the fixtures that you have removed. The hole should be the appropriate size for its corresponding unit. To install the final covering, pay extra attention to precision so that no part of the holes is covered. Once everything is in place, you can apply sealing materials so that your new surround is properly secured in place.

You can now re-install the fixtures that you have removed earlier and clean up the mess afterwards. Great looking bathtub surrounds can truly transform the appeal of regular bathrooms. Although you might be tempted to enjoy the new look of your bathroom right away, you would have to practice a little restrain, at least for the next 48 hours to truly appreciate the fruit of your hard work.

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