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Best Ways to Clean Grout

Every homeowner needs to know how to clean grout....

Nobody would say that they enjoy cleaning especially if it’s stubborn dirt. There is nothing more stubborn than the dirt that accumulated on tile grout. Everybody wants to find the easiest, fastest way to make their tile grout clean, but this particular household task really entails much time and effort.

Grout is that mortar or paste that was used as fillers for the crevices or gaps between floor or wall tiles. It will help if there was some grout sealant used when the tiles were installed. But that sealant will also have to be applied again after a year or two.

best ways to clean grout

If you have the perennial problem of how to make your grout clean, here are some individual tips for you:

• Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water to clean the simplest and lightest stains on the grout. Baking soda can be an alternative cleaner. Make a paste by mixing it with small amount of water. Use a stiff brush in scrubbing the grout in a circular motion using any of the two solutions mentioned.

• Commercial household cleaners can be useful and could work but you have to read the package instruction carefully so you can apply them on the grout properly.

best ways to clean grout

• A steam cleaner can be used but you have to be careful about not blasting the grout. Some heat could help loosen the oil or grease on the grout.

• Use oxygen bleach powder, chlorine bleach, or hydrogen peroxide only in well-ventilated areas. Read directions and use mask to protect yourself.

• Whatever the type of cleaner you use, always test it on a small area first to make sure your grout won’t be damaged.

• Do not use bleach on colored tiles as that may stain them.

• If you still can’t get the desired results, it will be best to call the professionals who could make your grout clean for you..... You can access reviews of professionals in your area on Angie's List.

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