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Color Wheel Chart - Using it to choose Bathroom Colors

The color wheel chart can be used to help you decorate your bathroom by helping to choose the scheme that best matches you and your home. For instance, say you have a base in mind, but want to choose one that will complement the colors that you have chosen... or you have bathroom cabinets that you absolutely do not want to replace, so you need to choose a couple of complementary colors to go with in the remainder of the bathroom.

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That's where the wheel will come into play. The wheel takes on several forms, but it is a a tool for combining colors.  So, basically the idea is, any colors that you pick from it will look good together.  Here is an initial rendition of a wheel chart showing all of the colors.  Descriptions of various schemes using the wheel are described below....



color wheel chart

Warm and Cool Colors

The color wheel chart below shows the wheel divided between warm and cool colors.  Warm colors are vivid and bright and tend to fill an area with energy.  Cool colors give a sense of calm and create a soothing effect.  White, black and gray are considered to be neutral colors. 

the color wheel


Complementary Scheme

color wheel chart


Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel chart are complementary colors (for instance red and green).  Complementary colors create a high contrast which creates a vibrant look.  This scheme would probably not work well in a bathroom remodel project because there is such a large area to be painted.  The scheme can be used for a smaller area that you want to stand out though.




Analogous Scheme

color wheel chart


This scheme uses colors that are next to each other on the wheel.  They usually match and the colors are comfortable together. 

This scheme will be easy on the eye, but you will want to to provide some contrast when using this scheme to decorate your bathroom.  Usually people will choose one color as the dominate one, another to support, and the third one as the accent color.



Triadic Scheme

color wheel chart


These colors are evenly spaced around the color wheel chart.  This scheme tends to make a "stand-out" combination.  Be sure to balance these colors when using this scheme.  This scheme creates a strong visual contrast, but offers more balance than a complementary scheme.




Split-Complementary Scheme

color wheel chart


The split complementary scheme is a variation on the complementary scheme.  so, instead of the color directly across the color wheel chart form the main color, you will choose the two colors adjacent to that color.  This color scheme does not cause as much tension as the complementary color scheme.

This is a pretty easy color scheme to use.... Good for just about any size bathroom remodel project.



Tetradic Color Scheme (Double Complementary)

color wheel chart


The tetradic color scheme uses four colors that are a formed from two complementary pairs.  Since this is a rich color scheme, it needs balance.   This would work great for a larger bathroom project.

In using this color scheme, choose one of the colors to be dominant, and use the other three as accent colors.




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