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Contemporary Bathroom Design

What makes a Contemporary Bathroom Design, Contemporary?

Contemporary bathrooms are all the rage today in remodeling magazines, home remodeling TV shows, and Home Remodeling websites. We have all seen them, the sleek designs that show off with a unique balance of simplicity and functionality. But, have you ever wondered exactly what makes a "Contemporary Bathroom" different from everything else? What are the defining characteristics that you can use in your contemporary bathroom design project? We will go over those characteristics one by one from the ground up as we talk about layout, tile design, color choice, fixture styles, and much more.

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To start your bathroom remodel off, Picture an empty room, nothing but the walls, ceiling, and plywood floor. We want a contemporary bathroom design, but where do we start, what is the focus of our theme?

The layout of a contemporary bathroom design, as well as the idea behind contemporary remodeling, could be stated in one defining theme, "Minimalist." The objective of most designers when going for a modern look, is opening up as much space as they can, without loosing functionality, making for a spa-like ambiance, even in small bathrooms. Now they key phrase in the previous sentence is without loosing functionality, so if you had a large bathroom, His-and-Hers sinks would be totally acceptable... No one wants to be in a bathroom that has the echo of the Luray Caverns.

Now that we have our focus, we still have to start putting something in our empty room, so where should we start? Tile...

Tile designs in a contemporary bathroom at first look wildly different, from colors and shapes, to the materials themselves. Take another look, and you will see a couple patterns start to take shape. First, the tile size, shape and color, doesn't change within the bathroom. If you have 6x6 tiles on your wall, in most cases, you will have it on your floor, but in a different pattern (say it was a diamond pattern on your floor, you would have a roll lock, or brick pattern on your walls), and would keep to the same materials. Also, the color of the tiles would tie in all of the other fixtures and furniture in the room. This creates a simplistic, streamlined look that is easy on the eyes, which makes for a relaxing new age atmosphere.

Now that we have tile on our floors and walls, we need to do some painting. What colors do I have to choose from? Should I be bold? Bland? Or somewhere in between? Most of the contemporary bathroom designs I have seen have had pastels as the color, something that ties in everything But if you want to be bold, do black or white because it makes everything POP, and it matches everything. But if you are not that The good news is, it really doesn't matter... Paint color should go with your personality, and as long as it ties in with the rest of your bathroom Go For It!

free standing bathtub


... So we have a painted, tiled, but still empty bathroom. So we move on to one of the most noticeable of fixtures, the bathtub. There is a very large assortment of modern bathtubs on the market these days. Freestanding tubs are a great way of adding a modern look to your bathroom, while adding the ability to have underlying storage below the tub. Then we have platform tubs, which are sunk into a "platform" made of 2x4’s and drywall, that is tiled or adorned with woodwork, which can act as a good transition from floor to wall tile.


floating bathroom vanity


Vanities… Where to start! A big trend in contemporary bathroom design is to have vanities that float. Now, that’s not to say that they float on water, but in the air. Wall mounted vanities make a room look bigger, more simple, easier to clean, and add a unique touch to any bathroom. Most of the time, the hardware that goes along with these vanities are extremely simple, and very streamline, to give you a minimalist (there’s that word again!) sleek look. As far as the sink bowls themselves, they are of the vessel style seventy five percent of the time. And just to let you know, a vessel sink is where the bowl sits on top of the counter, not sunken below.



What does a Vanity, and a Bathtub have in common?

They Both Have Faucets!

Modern faucets have to accommodate the unique designs of contemporary bathtubs and sinks, so an endless array of different styles are available. Most of these have a chrome, brushed nickel, or brushed chrome finish, and exemplify the whole modern look. Most sink faucets are quite tall to accommodate vessel sinks, and sometimes even come out of the wall! Also, every style of sink faucet will have a matching counterpart for the bathtub.

Now there are two other parts of the bathroom that are slightly less important, but worth mentioning all the same. Toilettes in contemporary bathroom design are extremely simple, and slightly smaller than regular toilets. And lighting consists of recessed lights and sleek wall sconces. But, for the most part with toilettes and lighting, most designers try to keep both of them almost invisible.

Now we have a completed our contemporary bathroom!

So to wrap things up, let me tell you about who I am. My name is Steve Moore, and I work for Budget Bath, a Baltimore based bathroom remodeling contractor. We have remodeled many bathrooms, and have been looking throughout the web for good resources for bathroom remodeling, and I personally endorse this blog for having great tips and advice for remodeling a bathroom.


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