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Contemporary Bathroom Vanities - A European Flair

How do you know when a bath vanity is contemporary? That's quite simple. They are simple or minimalist, space-saving, and functional. But what makes European contemporary bathroom vanities even better? They add elegance to your bath room. More importantly, they don’t simply become centerpieces to your bath, but they complement the other pieces.

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European contemporary cabinets are usually made from stone, wood, glass, metal, or a combination of these materials. They are usually in monochromatic colors against a light background. Bathrooms that have European styles may appear to have antique, bronze or silvery walls.

A bath vanity may have simple designs, yet the materials in which they are made of create an elegant touch to its appearance. That's the reason why European contemporary bathroom vanities are a good must-try when renovating your room.

Most vanities are fashioned to have cabinets underneath them. This is a perfect way to store up your bath items without creating clutter in the room. Some homeowners even install doubled sinks to have a different look in their bathroom. At the same time, they increase the functionality of their vanities. Some people build countertops with storage drawers and cabinets in-between two vanities to divide some space while adding areas for storage.

contemporary bathroom vanities


People also find creativity in European bathroom vanities. Putting ornaments or small vases on top of these vanities accentuate its look. Even wall portraits can also work best when placed in front of large bathroom mirrors.

If you think that only large houses can have European contemporary bathroom vanities, you are wrong. Even smaller homes can install European inspired vanities. They are usually situated in the corners to maximize the remaining space in the bathroom.

Overall, European inspired vanities are perfect for a home that aspires for elegance. Make sure that the pieces you put on your vanities complement the rest of the bathroom items, because that is essentially why it's called European. Trying out this modern bathroom style can be fun and exciting, especially when you allow your personality to shine through your choice of bathroom vanity. And if you're still unsure of how to put up that European style, you can always call for help from interior designers.

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