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DIY Bathroom Plumbing - Information to help you repair and install new

Handling your own DIY Bathroom Plumbing issues can help you save money on your bathroom remodel in the long run.   There are several projects that  even the novice do-it-yourselfer can tackle...


diy bathroom plumbing


Other projects will require a little more knowledge and expertise.... Hopefully you will garner enough information below to help you decide if the task is one that you can handle, or one that needs profession remodeling help....


Bathtub Plumbing

There are several bathtub plumbing projects that are do-able by a plumbing enthusiast.  A bathtub drain repair, or a bathtub faucet repair can be simple tasks or can be complicated... a little time and education can help you get these jobs done.

We even off a primer on bathtub plumbing to help you understand everything that you will need to know to install a bathtub......


diy bathtub plumbing



Toilet Plumbing

We offer tips on some simple diy plumbing involving the toilet.  Some simple things that any home-owner can take care of on their own are fixing a running toilet or fixing a a leaky toilet

A more complicated installation procedure is still something that a do-it-yourselfer can take care of.... Replacing a toilet requires a few tools, and a little elbow grease, but is easily accomplished by two people in a fairly short amount of time.




Sink Plumbing

Installing a sink is a task that can be fairly simple if the water lines are already run, and all you have to do is to remove the old sink, and replace it with a new bathroom sink.

A sink that sits down into a bathroom vanity as the one shown on the left is one of the most simple types of bathroom plumbing jobs that involve a bathroom sink.


bathroom sink plumbing


If you need to re-plumb an entire bathroom , or do any major plumbing that you are not comfortable with, be sure to check with a remodel professional.

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