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The Double Sink Bathroom Vanity - need or want?

A double sink bathroom vanity has it's advantages in a home.... especially when there are a number of folks sharing a bathroom... especially a married couple!. It will save you time as you can simultaneously wash your hands, brush your teeth, or take care of any business you have.

Compared to single sink vanities, the dual vanity set is more expensive.... with dual water supplies and two faucets, but the benefits can far out-weigh the expense.

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The Issues

double sink bathroom vanityA double-sink set has advantages alright but it has a few downsides to it too. If your reason for installing it is that it looks grand or something to that effect, you really need to start thinking of more serious concerns.

By asking yourself questions such as: “will it be practical to have?” or “will I still want it after months pass?”, you will know if the double sink set is really the right type to install. Before reconstructing your bathroom, be certain that you won’t be throwing away money over an impulsive choice.

Also, think about the size of your bathroom.  Most double sink vanities start at 60 inches.... going all the way up to 84 inches and larger... So, space will definitely be an issue.



  • More personal space
  • Saves time


  • More expensive
  • Takes up more space in your bathroom



A double sink bathroom vanity come in just about any design motif that you will be looking for.... from modern to antique to contemporary.... You will be amazed once you start looking around. 

I urge you to look at places other than the big box stores if you are going to spend the money to install a double sink vanity.... get what you are looking for, and be happy with your choice!


Teresa's Bottom Line

If you are married, and have the space in your bathroom, GET A DOUBLE SINK VANITY!!!

If you want  a double sink vanity, keep with the look of your bathroom, and select one that will go with the design that you are trying to build in your bath.  You will be happy with.


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