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Floor Tiles - Glam up your Bathroom Floor

Floor tiles come in all shapes and sizes and are a very durable flooring material.....

If you are remodeling a bathroom, one of the most important things to be considered is the design of the flooring. Usually, the easiest and practical type of flooring is using tile. The overall floor design, which includes the patterns and colors, greatly affects the interior design of the room.

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Bathroom floor tiles are usually made of ceramic. These are safe and more practical when it comes to cleaning. There are variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, textures, and colors available in the market. One thing to consider when choosing the tile to be used is the texture of the tile itself. Remember that there are a lot of textures available. Since the place to be tiled is the bath, it is advisable to use the unglazed ones so that it is safe to walk on the floor even though it is wet. The only problem when it comes to unglazed tile is that it is susceptible to stains and dirt that is why they should be cleaned often.

bathroom floor tile

Tile borders and accents can be added to the floor so that it can be enhanced and monotony will be avoided. There are many tile accents and borders that can be bought in the market. If for example you have plain tile, you can add borders in between to enhance your floor. Or, if you are in a low budget, you can just make arrangements out of the tile you have far from the conventional arrangements. Your creativity is greatly needed here. There are also hand-painted ones available. You can mix them with plain tile but be careful because there are times that the design of the hand-painted tile does not complement the color of the plain ones.

The color of the tile to be used is also important because it will enhance the mood of the bath. Also, there are effects that the color gives. For example, dark colored ones make the room smaller and dramatic. A combination of dark and light colored tile, for example white and black, gives a modern look.  Light colored and neutral colored tiles make the room look larger because of the light that it brings and the reflection of the natural light that the room receives. Warm colors, on the other hand, make a cozy bath. Warm colored tiles can also make the bath look country in style. You see, choosing the right color for your bath room makes a big effect. Choosing the right color makes you comfortable in your bath room. With this, the floor tiles affect the atmosphere of the bathroom.

bathroom floor tile


If you are remodeling your bath and you do not have an interior designer, you just need to know the basics especially when it comes to the flooring, and in this case, the bath floor tiles. You need to know the right materials that you need, like cement and sealer, and it’s probably best if you can hire someone who can install the floor tiles. Professionals should do the installation because of the accuracy of the placement of the tiles. Wrong placement will cost you a lot of money again or else you will just have to deal with what happened to your floor. Remember that your safety is important.


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