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Glass Bathroom Sinks - A post-modern look for your bathroom

Glass bathroom sinks have taken the place of  old and traditional porcelain bathroom vessels.  The glass sinks are modern and more attractive ones. These sinks are the new must-haves now when it comes to bathroom accessories and fixtures. They bring a touch of modernity and elegance in the bathroom. But what are the things that a buyer should know about glass bathroom sinks? One should know the durability and care for the sink.

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Sinks like these are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be stained or etched. So buyers can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors and can easily match with other fixtures available.

Glass bathroom sinks may be placed on top of a traditional countertop or on steel bases and stands like iron, brass, and chrome. These sinks can be placed in bathrooms with different motifs because of its simplicity and elegance. They can also be wall-mounted, under-the-counter style, and countersink style. Another style is drop-in wherein the sink is placed in a pre-cut countertop.

Upon buying a sink, professional plumber should be hired to install it. Only professionals should handle the installation of such sink because most of the breakage happens during installation.

glass bathroom sinksUsually, glass sinks are thick enough to withstand normal activities like brushing teeth. The usual thickness is ½ inch to ¾ inch. Also, glass sinks are usually tempered making it more durable than the usual glass. They are heated to a very high temperature and then cooled quickly. This process makes the glass 5-7 percent more durable than the regular glass.

This kind of sink should have extra care because of its fragility. Glass sinks can resist minor scratches from light objects like toothbrush and the like. Heavy object accidents, however, can shatter the sink. But the major cause of cracks and breakage is thermal shock that comes from sudden change of temperature. Sink like this can withstand up to 70 degrees but can break beyond this temperature then exposed to immediate temperature change. However, the sink can resist a 20-degree temperature change. These sinks are just like human bodies that collapse when there is a sudden temperature change especially to extreme temperatures. The sink cannot withstand a temperature that is too hot to touch, so better be careful when putting hot water in it. Once the sink is cracked, the whole thing should be replaced.

In case of water stains, the sinks should be cleaned with only water and vinegar solution. This can easily remove the stains that the sink has. Use only gentle cleaners for everyday cleaning of the sink. Ordinary glass cleaners can also be used if available. The dirt that the sink has can be removed easily because of the substance of the sink itself. Also, abrasive-cleaning aids can make the sink dull. Always wipe the sink every after use to avoid water spots because hard water can easily stain glasses.

If theglass bathroom sink is properly cared, it can be used for many years. So better be careful in handling your sink.

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