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Creative Home Storage Ideas

You will need some creative home storage ideas, if youíve lived long enough in your home to be running out of space to store your stuff. Even if youíve just moved in, storage can be a serious issue in some homes. You donít need to get rid of everything in the trash ó although some selective pitching or donating might be a good idea. Use these ideas to make better use of your space at home:

Go high and low

Oftentimes the most underused space in your home is on the floor or up high near the ceiling. They havenít created anti gravity devices that allow us to use the ceiling as upside-down storage yet, but that doesnít mean you canít use the space toward the top of your rooms. If you have extra space on your floor, consider getting a chest or some other kind of storage furniture to take up the space. Then you can fill up the furniture without taking up extra space in other areas where you really need it. Likewise, look on top of your high furniture when youíre looking for a place to store items that arenít used often. No one will even know thereís anything up there if you store strategically with the items close to the wall.


creative home storage ideas


Do the unexpected

When youíre remodeling your bathroom, add a corner hutch to replace your linen closet in the hallway. Then you can use the linen closet for other stuff. Just because itís the bathroom doesnít mean you canít use the extra space to store stuff. If you can find the space then use it! Bathrooms arenít the only place you might be able to squeeze out some extra space. Who said storing your sneaker collection in the kitchen wasnít allowed? Donít neglect extra space just because the items youíre looking to store just ďdonít fitĒ there.


creative home storage ideas


Hit the walls

Take a look around at your walls. Unless youíre an art collector or something similar, itís likely that you have a huge amount of space on your walls. Install some shelves and take advantage of that space! You can store things here that lend themselves to display. You probably donít want to use it for your stash of extra toilet paper, but the aforementioned collection of sneakers would look great on the wall. Donít limit yourself....use these home storage ideas to be creative! If you can make it look appealing, no matter what it is, consider putting it on shelves somewhere in your home.


creative home storage ideas


When you run out of space at home it can seem like the walls are shrinking in on you. Take advantage of these tips and donít let the situation overwhelm you to the point of throwing your precious stuff out for no good reason.

Authorís bio: Lisa is a guest post blogger who specializes in storage units in her professional career. She is currently working on organizing projects involved with storage units in Colorado Springs and storage units in McAllen.

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