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Leaking Toilet - How to Fix

Being able to fix a leaking toilet may not be something that is always a part of bathroom remodel, but it is a fairly simple Do It Yourself job that anyone can tackle.....

To fix  a leaking toilet, the materials you’ll need are 1) pliers or adjustable wrench, 2) replacement parts, 3) towel or sponge.

The first thing to do is turn off the water supply shutoff valve. Afterwards, take the toilet tank lid off. Flush the toilet to get rid of the water in the tank (once the water is turned off, flushing the toilet will drain the tank of all water). Since you turned off the water supply, the tank won’t refill.

Next, soak up the remaining water in the tank by using a towel or sponge. Make sure that the tank is almost dry so that when you do the next step, there won’t be any spillage.

Once the tank is empty of water, go back to the area of the water supply shutoff valve. Reach to where the pipe and the bottom of the tank meet. Disconnect the supply tube from the toilet tank. You’ll notice that there’s a rubber gasket there. Remove it so that you can inspect the tube the gasket is attached to.

Remove the water supply tube that’s inside the tank. Examine the tube and tank for damaged or dried out gaskets. Replace these with new ones.

Reinstall the water supply tube and attach the new gasket under the tank. Afterwards, reattach the water supply pipe with the shutoff valve. Lastly, turn on the water supply and fill the toilet tank with water. Flush the toilet to test if everything works. Put the cover of the tank back on and you’re done.

Successfully accomplishing DIY bathroom plumbing repairs can be rewarding, but don’t get carried away. Always remember that, when doing simple plumbing repairs, it’s important to protect your hands from germs by using rubber gloves. If you’re worried about accidents, like something from the toilet bowl spills onto you, just make sure you’re not wearing your favorite shirt. Wash your hands thoroughly when you’re finished with repairs.

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