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Luxury Bathroom Design

Learn if luxury bathroom design is right for your bathroom. The luxurious lavatories you see in the ritzy hotels and home decorating magazines are a possibility when you seek out the same installments and features to match your own bathroom décor.

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While some people step onto attractive marble flooring, others will never suffer frozen toes during the wintertime with heated tiles. Today, the range of luxury bathroom decorative ideas is never-ending. In order to create a lavish bathroom arrangement, try considering the following suggestions:


Z'fogless Fog-free Lighted Shower Mirror
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Fog-Free Mirrors

Imagine never having to battle with a cloudy appearance after a lengthy shower filled with steam. Fog-free mirrors slightly warm to present a clear image of yourself after a shower or bath.

The fog free mirror to the right is sold by Shop.com, and features a bright LED light at the bottom, a  digital clock to help you stay on pace, and a pair of hooks to hold two razors.




Vessel Sinks

Designer and vessel sinks are the latest in artistic creations within the bathroom. Made of tempered glass, a vessel sink displays a wide-range of artsy designs that are full of color and detail.

The vessel sink pictured to the right is sold by Modern Bathrooms.  This amazing sink can be mounted above, partially above or below the counter and even be under-lit for a stunning, dramatic effect.

Vessel Sinks com in a variety of colors and materials - you are held back only by your imagination.





Trendy Showers

In a luxury bathroom, the typical shower is often no more, as a variety of selections are now available. Steam showers provide relaxing and therapeutic hydrotherapy. There are even tanning showers (ProSun) that offer a built-in bronzing feature that delivers the "perfect" tan while warm water cleanses the body.

Spa Baths and Jetted Tubs

Whether you crave hydro-thermo massage or simply enjoy the spa quality jetted tubs in the comforts of your own bathroom, there are plenty of spa baths and whirlpool selections to consider. Today, jetted bathtubs can easily accommodate more than two people and come in various shapes and sizes. In the end, these installations elevate the overall experience of a home bathroom and are a great fixture in luxury bathroom design.

Glass Bathtub

If you are looking for something truly unique, a completely see-through bathtub made entirely of glass with stainless steel accents is a surefire conversation topic.

High-Tech Toilets

Some people create a luxury bathroom design by installing a toilet that allows you to choose from an array of unique features, such as heated toilet seat, front and rear washing, air dryer, and deodorizer. The Neorest 600 Toilet brings the extravagance of having a personal bathroom attendant right by your side.

Toilet Handle Decorations

To elevate the design element of a regular toilet, you may enlist the help of decorative toilet handles, which add a touch of uniqueness to any display.

Electronic Faucets

In hotels and other public places, electronic faucets are not only a pleasure to use, but also heightens the level of sanitation in the bathroom.

Automatic Towel Warmer Drawer

This bathroom feature allows you to spoil yourself with the relaxing embrace of a pre-heated towel after a soak in the tub or long shower.

Waterproof In-Mirror Televisions

Today, many people enjoy listening to music and watching their favorite shows while in the bathroom. Installing a waterproof in-mirror arrangement is a luxurious space saver.

These are just some of the things you can add to your bathroom remodel to create that luxury bathroom design theme.


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