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Luxury Bathtub Ideas


Everyone loves a luxury bathroom – it’s half of what makes staying at posh hotels so fun! Kicking back in a super-sized, round tub brimming with bubbles, with a glass of champagne and gentle music playing in the background...

Then imagine taking a bath in your own bathroom, with your typical, white 3-piece suite and all manner of shampoo bottles and soaps flooding the surfaces. It’s not quite the same, is it?



Luckily, you can recreate some of that deluxe hotel feeling at home with a new bath tub – it’s the centrepiece of the room, after all! Be inspired by the gorgeous luxury bathtub ideas below, and don’t forget to pick out matching towels and some stylish shampoo storage bottles to complete the effect.

Looking for something unique for your bathroom? Try taking inspiration from your bedroom! Styled like a vintage-look bedstead, this unusual bath housing is anything but boring.


luxury bathtub ideas

Image via Chalon Handmade


Go for all out glitz and glamour with some luxurious looking gold metal-work (it doesn’t need to be real gold!). Bathe in true vintage starlet style – all you need to complete the experience is a glass of bubbly and designer shower cap to keep those curls from getting drenched!

luxury bathtub ideas

Image via Rick


Want to give a standard bathtub a new lease of life? Take it from drab to fab with this simple uplifting technique – get some custom-made blocks or clawed bath feet, and raise it up in the air!

luxury bathtub ideas

Image via Dan Taylor


You could even drop it down low! Having a bath that’s not at the usual height level will instantly add interest to any bathroom, so opt for a shallow tub and surround it with tiles for that ‘built in’ effect. Oh, and notice the displaced tap and faucets here too? Very unique!

luxury bathtub ideas

Image by Andre Chinn


Last but not least, few bathtubs manage to look cooler and yet still be budget-friendly than the wonderful standalone. Also known as freestanding baths, this luxurious tub comes in a range of styles – with feet, without feet, rounded, squared... but they all have one thing in common, they’re super stylish!


luxury bathtub ideas

Image via Leyla A

Once you’ve picked out your perfect bath, finish it off with some funky faucets. Whether you’re after the vintage appeal of ornate golden taps, or the modern-day chic of a minimalist silver twist, the right taps will set your tub off to perfection. Can’t afford a new tub? Updating the taps and other metalwork is a quick fix that everyone can afford!

Which is your favorite bathtub style and why?

Estelle Page writes for Alert Electrical, an online store where you can buy a stylish new Triton power shower to complete your bathroom renovation!

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