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Use of Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern bathroom lighting completes the ambience and personality of this private area that’s why care is taken in the selection of the lights depending on their use.  Bathrooms look good with any delicately and sophisticatedly executed interior design. Often, the final touches to the overall look, is the lights.

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Contemporary bathrooms are now more spacious, fashionable, and very functional. These rooms serve as haven for relaxation and comfort. Most of the design plans now incorporate modern lighting. Here are some of the lights and their uses:

  • Shower lights should be bright enough to help the user see her rituals properly. Read: shampooing, conditioning, or shaving. Use light fixtures that are covered or recessed in wet areas. Use same kind of light for the bathtub.

  • Use windows as sources for natural light during the day.

  • Nightlights should be in place under the vanity table or inside cabinets. Use a linear light system for this.

  • Cove light is decorative. Soft lights add a warm glow to the bathroom.

  • Task light is important at the sides of mirror. There should be warm fluorescent sconces to illuminate face for grooming and make-up purposes.

  • Table lamps on top of vanities or multipurpose bathroom islands for added human touch.

  • Modern lighting fixture can be suspended from the ceiling to provide extra lights and extra aesthetic value to the place.

  • Ambient lights can also provide general illumination and good for task light too.

  • Other modern lighting includes the accent lights are good for emphasizing certain features that add more drama to the total look.


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