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Nautical Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you thinking of implementing a nautical bathroom design in your bathroom. Many homeowners decide to implement an assortment of changes around their home each year. Many of these improvements are done for the purpose of creating a new look or style in one or more rooms in the home.

One of the most common rooms that homeowners decide to recreate is the bathroom of the home. There are many popular themes that a person can use in the bathroom. One of the most popular is nautical bathroom design. If you own a home and would like to create your bathroom in a nautical design, this article is for you. We will carefully detail how to implement a nautical design in this room of the home.

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nautical bathroom designWhen employing a nautical design in the bathroom, the first thing that should be considered is the color of paint that will best compliment the design. The ocean is often associated with many different colors. The most common colors are different shades of blues and greens. Many may even choose light tan and similar browns to reflect the sandy environment by the ocean. You should choose one main color to place on the walls of the bathroom. For a complete “under the sea” approach, a fine mixture of greens and blues are appropriate.

When painting the walls, you may choose to apply the paint using a sponge or similar item to create a texture. You can implement the use of many different items to create an assortment of effects on the walls. You may wish to create swirls, waves, and other types of aquatic designs using different textures. This is a great way to add a unique spin on the walls of your nautical bathroom design.

Once the paint of the walls is completely dry, you may choose to accent the wall with a border. This border may be applied along the top and bottom of the wall, through the middle of the wall, or a combination of all three areas. You may purchase many borders at home improvement stores that display a water scene, a lighthouse scene, or different kinds of fish.

nautical bathroom designHowever, if you wish to make your border truly unique, you may wish to purchase a border that is the same color as the paint on the walls and glue many sea related items on it. These items may include different kinds of seashells, rocks, sponges, or star fish. If you use this type of border, you may even select to place a similar border around the mirror in the bathroom.

Once your wall is completely designed, you may now begin to research accessories that are nautical related to place in the bathroom. If you have used shells on your border, you may want to purchase a large seashell that can be used to place soap in. You can purchase towel holders, toilet paper holders, and waste baskets that reflect a nautical design to compliment your newly designed bathroom. You may also choose to purchase a shower curtain that will highlight your ocean design.

There are many different decorative items that can compliment an aquatic designed bathroom. You can purchase various pictures, bottles with tiny ships in them, or even create your own item. A good example of your own item may be an old bottle with a mixture of oil, water, blue food coloring, and tiny shells, glitter, and sand. You can then place this item on a board and hang it on the wall.

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If you are looking to create a nautical bathroom design in your bathroom, you can use the ideas listed here to get you started. If you want to research various methods of applying this particular type of theme in the bathroom, you may wish to visit your community library or the many websites on the internet regarding this ocean theme.


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