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source: bathroom-ideas-design.com

source: bathroom-ideas-design.com

Bathroom Wall Hanging Tips

1. Consider a Clock

Many people are so focused on what sinks to install or what art to hang on the walls that they do not think about clocks. While clocks may not seem significant, they can be very helpful in a variety of situations. While a person is using the bathroom they usually have little idea as to what time it is. Should one be installed, they can easily tell if they are late to work, class or any other event. The person will know how much time they have to complete their tasks, reducing stress.

2. Do Not Choose Random Images

No matter how pretty a piece of art, if it would not fit in with the theme of your bathroom it should probably not be placed inside. There is nothing wrong with having an appreciation for good images; however, if the pictures on the wall are too random and have nothing to do with each other the space will feel confusing. Find a family photo or piece of art that would suit what you are trying to do and use an appropriate picture hanging system (picture rail, click rail etc.) to give it the right look and feel. If the theme is tropical, for example, use a picture hanger to place a family photo of your recent trip to Hawaii on the wall.

3. Use Decorative Frames

With the right frame and the right type of picture hanging system, even the dullest of illustrations can appear to take on a new energy. A fancy frame does not have to be expensive; there are many local stores and even stores on the Internet that can provide you with inexpensive homes for your images. If this is not something you want to do, you can always make the frame yourself. Make sure that the frames in the bathroom do not clash too much, or you will run into the same problem as the tip above.

4. Think about Wall Space

Before hanging anything in your bathroom you need to be very aware of the space that you are working with. Attempting to hang a very large frame inside a small section of wall will only cause the bathroom to appear smaller than it actually is. On top of this, it will also cause the space to look strange. By the same token, you should not place a tiny image alone on a large section of wall. You may believe that it adds a sense of artistic quality, but guests will be baffled at this choice and may even ask you about it.

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