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Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet - Easy Installation Tips

Installing a recessed bathroom medicine cabinet is quite easy. In fact, you can finish it in a day. It is a perfect idea to add some storage area in a small bathroom. Simply follow these few steps in installing your bathroom medicine shelf.   Here you will find a variety of Recessed Medicine Cabinets on the market today... then the installation tips below!

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You will need a stud finder, a drywall saw, a hammer, some nails, a carpenter level, a flashlight, a drill, some screws, and a lumber.
Measure the length of the medicine shelf and cut the lumber in the same length. Put it aside first.

Meanwhile, find your studs. These will be used to hang your medicine shelf on the wall. Make sure that your shelf would fit into these studs, or else, you might need the help of a professional carpenter.

Decide on where you want to install your recessed bathroom medicine cabinet. Use a pencil to outline the area on the wall.

Using a drywall saw, make a small hole in the wall where you have made an outline.

Now use your flashlight to inspect for any electrical wiring or plumbing that may interfere with your installation. Once you are sure that the area is free from wiring, it's time to cut out the marked areas. Be extra careful when doing this to prevent any cuts and injuries.

Empire Industries WMCRW - Windsor Recessed Medicine CabinetAfter this, take your lumber. Nail it to the studs on both sides. Now you have a frame for your medicine shelf. Once this is in place, you can now slide the medicine shelf into place. Open and close its doors to test if it can work properly.

Use your drill to create holes on the sides of the shelf. Screw the it in place to make sure that they are completely mounted on the wall.

Once you're done, you can now start painting your recessed bathroom cabinet. Customize its design and begin storing medicines or other personal things inside. Attach mirrors, apply glossy paints, and even put an elegant handle to stylize it. It's all up to your imagination.

That's an easy method of installing a recessed bathroom medicine cabinet. Try it and you will create a new look for your bathroom.

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